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Course syllabus: History of Southeast Asia to the early 19th century (L.A. Andaya)

Southeast Asia Web(S.A. Shirreffs)

Reference resources A, B, C - University of Hawaii

Reference resources- University of Wisconsin


José Rizal y Alonso (Manuel García Castellón)

Works of Jose Rizal (Manuel García Castellón)

Philippine studies in Europe (Rosanne Rutten)

USMHI Philippine bibliographies (Military History Institute)

Filipinas (Marcial Pons, Bookseller)

Ultramar (Marcial Pons, Bookseller)

Orientalia Dominicana

Pre-hispanic Philippines ( J. Rubrico, R. Orbigo, and M. S. Leyson)

Selected Bibliography of Philippine Nationalists (Library of Congress)

The Battle off Samar (R. J. Cox)

Obras clasicas para la historia de Filipinas (Digibis)

Obras clasicas para la historia de Manila (Digibis)

Associations, journals

Philippine Studies Group (U.S.)

Philippine Studies Association of Australia

Philippine Study Group of Los Angeles

Pila Laguna Historical Society Foundation Inc.

Archives, library collections


Computerization of the Archivo General de Indias: Strategies and Results (CLIR)

Archivo General de Indias en Sevilla (UT-LANIC)

U.S. Bureau of Insular Affairs, 1868-1945 (NARA)

U.S. Archives Directory (Columbia University)

Archivo General Militar de Segovia (E. Borreguero)

Newberry Library's Edward E. Ayer Collection

National Library of Australia

U.S. Library of Congress

U.C. Berkeley Library-Southeast Asia Collection

Southeast Asia Collections in the U.S. ( Yale University)

Ateneo de Manila University Library

University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library

North Miami Public Library Filipiniana Collection

Chiyo Thomas Telford Papers

The National Library

Online texts


World History Archives

Historical articles (NCCA)

Austrian-Philippine Website

Research centers

Museums in the Philippines

Centers and associations for Southeast Asian studies (Northern Illinois University)

Asia Society

Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Ohio University

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Iowa

Department of History, University of the Philippines

Society & culture

Philippine provinces (Philippine European Services)

Philippine maps (Philippine European Services)

Rewriting History (Keech A. Hidalgo)

"The mystery of Manila's octagonal cemetery" (Robert Gardner)

A Philippine leaf (Hector Santos)

Philippine centennial links (MSC Communications Technologies)

UP Manila: history

The people of Mindanao (Kalinaw Mindanaw)

Batangas (Mozcom)

How the Bible came to the Philippines (Rodolfo Suarez)
Alaminos (MSC Communications Technologies)

Kapampangans in war (

Ilocos Sur: Ciudad Fernandina (Damaso King)

Philippine heroes (FAPE)

Pampanga (Armando Regala)

Spanish dances in the Philippines (Noel Tamayo)

Isabelo de los Reyes (R. M. Amores)

Ramon Magsaysay

Calatrava (Negros Occidental)

Cadiz (Negros Occidental)

Jai alai (Florida Gaming Centers, Inc.)

Michael Irwin page

Philippine history (Fraser Weir)

Pilipinismo (Alain Del B. Pascua)


July in Philippine history (Force 2020)

The Philippines-19th century (Joanne Reid)

The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines

Catholicism in Ilocos (R.M. Amores)

Maytinis (Carol Vicgon)

A man called Barlin ( Rev. Jesus Esplana)

Manila Cathedral: A chronology of important events (

Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines

History of the Philippine Province (Jesuit Communications)

Politics & government

Constitutions of the Philippines

Philippine Congress

The evolution of the Philippine Flag (MSC Communications Technologies)

History of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

Gobernadorcillos of Vigan (Damaso King and Boni R. )

La Guardia Civil en Filipinas (Departamento de Internet Guardia Civil)

Horacio de la Costa y los rasgos del nacionalismo (Edmundo Farolan)

Philippine-American War

The Philippine War and Anti-imperialism (Lee Huddleston)

Documents relating to American Foreign Policy, 1898-1914 (Vincent Ferraro)

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

The Battle for Leyte Gulf (D. James)

An annotated pictorial history of Clark Air Base, 1899-1986 (David L. Rosmer)

Economy & business

Nestle Philippines

Philippine Banking Corporation

Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio, Industria y Navegación en Filipinas

The Story of the Spanish Treasure Fleets (Northlink)


Science and technology

Philippine architecture (Bayani)

"La medicina colonial en Iberoamerica y las Filipinas"

A History of the Philippine College of Physicians (Phil. J. Internal Medicine)

Philippine resources-Archaeology ( K. Kris Hirst)

Tanikalang Ginto's Philippine history links

Yehey's Philippine history links

EDSA's Philippine history links

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Photos depicting  Subanon weaving mat (ca. 1926), aerial view of Manila (ca. 1925-30), and Filipino schoolchildren (ca.1901) are from the U.S. National Archives and made available through SEAiT.